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Pay As You Go IT Support - IT support made simple...
  • Pay As You Go (PAYG) IT support with volume discounts.
  • Buy by the hour, use by the minute.
  • No contracts, no monthly fees, no expiry date on your purchased hours.

Who Is It For?

Our PAYG IT Support is cost effective for most small to medium sized businesses (SME's), because of the overheads associated with employing in-house IT staff and keeping staff fully utilised and trained. Out-sourcing IT support is rapidly gaining popularity as employers are beginning to realise that out-sourcing usually does cost less and can deliver a higher quality of service.

In addition, our IT Support is popular with businesses as additional support to their own in-house IT team during demanding periods. Typically we assist with their basic activities leaving their in-house staff to focus on higher level requirements.

How Much Do Your Staff Cost You?

Have you ever calculated the true cost of employees? Did you know that paying an employee £30,000 per annum actually costs you about £40 per hour minimum assuming they are 100% active and 100% efficient all day! The true cost is more like £70 to 100 per hour due to employee activity and efficiency factors (60% activity levels and 70% efficiency factors are not untypical).

Click here to use our online calculator to calculate your own employee true cost per hour

Easy to Understand IT Support

Access to our comprehensive IT support service is via our simple industry pioneering Pay As You Go (PAYG) IT support product.

Our PAYG IT support is analogous to PAYG mobile phones. You buy hours of support up-front and then use them just when you need to. The more hours you pre-buy, the greater your savings. There is no expiry date on the hours you buy, and when you need support, time is deducted simply by the minute. Now compare that to our competitors.

PAYG IT Support Benefits

  • No on-going support contract
  • Reduce your IT cost by pre-buying your hours
  • Buy as few or as many hours as YOU need
  • Have a guaranteed response time
  • You decide when you need our support
  • You are in control of your relationship with us

How We Assist You

In the first instance of you requesting our support, we attempt to resolve your problem remotely via the telephone and/or connecting remotely to a computer at your site. This saves travel time, speeds up our response time to your request and reduces your cost. Only about 10% of our IT support work requires an on-site client visit.

For each support request, you will have only one point of contact, your dedicated Client Support Manager (CSM). Your Client Support Manager will speak plain English to you, and manage all the technical people needed on your behalf.


PAYG Pricing Structure

1 £1.50 £90 0.0%
5 £1.42 £85 5.5%
10 £1.33 £80 11.1%
25 £1.25 £75 16.6%
50 £1.17 £70 22.2%
100 £1.08 £65 27.7%
250 £1.00 £60 33.3%

PAYG Bonuses

Buy 50 hours or more and get a FREE £315 system assessment and health check

Buy 100 hours or more and get a FREE £630 system assessment and health check

New Customer Introductory Offers

Why not try us out fixing all those small problems you may have with our introductory offers:

  • Half-Day IT Support Offer - £200
    We offer a half-day of IT support to new customers within London's Zone 1 and 2 region for £200.
  • Full-Day IT Support Offer - £400
    We offer a full day of IT support to new customers within the M25 region for £400.

Hours of Operation

Our IT support is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Out of Business Hours Support

Our standard business hours for support are 9am to 6pm, Mon-Fri.

Out of business hours support is deducted from your PAYG hours at the rate of 1.5 minutes per minute of support time. This market leading out-of-hours rate applies to evenings, all weekend and bank holidays!

Competitor Price Comparison

The table below compares the hourly rates with our main competitor.

IT Lab
5 hours £85 ph £110.40 ph 29.8%
10 hours £80 ph £106.96 ph 33.6%
25 hours £75 ph £106.96 ph 42.6%

Competitor figures obtained direct from IT Lab.
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